High-Performance Homes

The Barraza Group works with both buyers and sellers in marketing and indetifying high performance green homes.

The Barraza Group

Our Group Employs a Unique Two-Step Strategy for Selling Homes

In addition to traditional marketing methods including print media, direct mail, and social media, the group also utilizes its team members’ knowledge and understanding of green homes and home energy labeling to differentiate their listings and showcase a home's value when it comes to energy savings, comfort, and health


Health In The Home

Improves Indoor air quality. limits pollutants and prevents moisture problems that lead to mold and past.


Lower Operating Cost

Reduces energy and water utillity cost, and controls mainenacnce cost through durable construction or retrofit practices.


A Sustainable Lifestyle

By improving a home's demand on resourcess a green-certified home becomes a healthier and more comfortable residence.


Meeting Demand

For Green Homes

Green homes stand out in the market and help the buyers seeking those homes to indetify them. The Barraza Group works with both buyers and sellers in marketing and indetifiyng green homes.

HES SP (1)


Department of Energy's Home Energy Score

The Home Energy Score provides homeowners and buyers directly comparable and credible information about a home's energy use. Like a miles-per-galon rating for a cat the Home Energy Score is based on a standard assesment of energy-related assests to eassily compare energye use across the housing market.

Your Home Energy Score Report estimates home energy use associated cost as well as provides energy solutions to cost-effecitely improve the home's efficency. Each Home Energy Score is shown on a simple one-to-ten scolae where a ten represents the most effcient homes.

81% of people

Who expect to buy a new home in the next two years, say a higher energy efficieny would cause them to choose one home over another.

61% of real estate professionals

Report that their clients are at least somewhat interested in sustainability.

40% of potential homebuyers

Say they're very likely to pay more for a high performance home.

75% of Millennials and 51% of Boomers

Are willing to pay more for sustable offering.



We bring tangible value to our clients with home labeling

Our team members knowledge and understanding of green homes and home energy labeling differentiated our listings and showcased the home's value when it comes to enrgy savings, comfort, and health. By indetifying and showcasing theese improtant features, we are able to effectively expose our porperties to vast number of consumes who seek them.

Is Your Home GreenPoint Ready?

Here's an easy way to discover if your home might qualify for a GreenPoint Rated label. Take our simple survey to help give you an idea of where you stand.