Jesse Barraza


A little about Jesse

Jesse Barraza began selling real estate in Orange County more than two decades ago—and throughout the course of his career has worked with a wide range of clientele, from savvy commercial investors to first-time homebuyers. As a result, he’s developed and honed not only an unmatched ability to effectively negotiate in a variety of scenarios, but to ascertain—and, ultimately, exceed—the every expectation of buyers and sellers alike. Patient, detail-oriented and diligent when it comes to giving his clients the competitive edge they need to experience value, Jesse is known to spend countless hours previewing inventory of homes within the communities he serves in order to assure his clients the most strategic courses of action regarding their investments. This is just one of many ways he differentiates himself from his competitors as a true professional who remains dedicated to the best interests of his clientele. 

As a part of Surterre Properties®, Jesse supplements his vast knowledge and experience with a variety of advantages that prove to give buyers and sellers alike the greatest potential for success. Surterre’s team-focused culture—in which all agents and brokers work together toward the common goal of solid personalized service—ensures a heightened level of opportunity for clients with a variety of objectives. What’s more, thanks to Surterre’s award-winning in-house marketing team, Jesse has the ability to give his clients the most professional strategy and collateral—without sacrificing all-important one-on-one time.