Simone Dadsetan


A little about Simone

A service and detail oriented real estate professional, Simone Dadsetan has been a highly regarded part of the local industry for over a decade. As a longtime Orange County resident who has lived in Newport Beach and coastal South Orange County, Simone offers an in-depth, all-encompassing perspective of the Orange County market. "I have grown up in Orange County and watched this county grow up as well." Prior to specializing in residential real estate, Simone worked in wholesale lending – an area of expertise that has given her a unique advantage when it comes to helping her clients understand how loans are structured and viewed by banking institutions. Transitioning into selling luxury real estate was an obvious next move for Simone, applying her enthusiasm, knowledge, and fondness for Orange County to her day to day profession, assisting others in finding their perfect home in such a distinct and beautiful area. "My favorite thing about Orange County is the diverse cultures that represent this county and offer equally various lifestyle options." Simone's area of expertise is in energy efficiency and Green Homes. Passionate about helping others understand and create a more sustainable lifestyle, she is driven by how much support and value a Green Home offers her clients. Three years ago Simone received the NAR Green designation, which has completely changed how she interacts with her clients. "I consider myself more of a 'comfort consultant' helping clients create a home that meets their specific needs." In addition to volunteering at The Charitable Foundation and Beta Foster Care, Simone is a strong proponent of environmental sustainability and green living. She loves educating her team of energetic professionals by holding workshops that teaches them about what a Green Home is, and informing her clients on the benefits of creating a Green Home for themselves. When Simone isn't working, you will find her spending time with her family, traveling, and reading. Her advice to home buyers and sellers, "Get an energy audit."